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We are empowering teams and freelancers to reach their full potential by offering them friendly software solutions to streamline their daily activities.

About Koala Docs


Koala Docs isn’t just software - is your personal assistant, helping you to be more efficient and profitable.

George Barcun, Koala Docs Mastermind


Our Focus

Our main focus is to build the best software tools to help professionals to use their time more for important things, instead of repetitive activities like searching for documents and creating from scratch over and over again different business documents.

We have started this journey over 10 years ago and during this time we have observed their needs and challenges, transforming them into opportunities. We have created software solutions based on the latest technologies, by permanently innovating and empowering law firms and legal individuals.

Experience and know-how

During the last decade, we have supported hundreds of law firms and different other companies with our software solutions and comprehensive know-how. Our team members have over 30 years of combined experience in complex IT projects ranging from consulting, analysis and project management to development and implementation of complex international software solutions.

Instead of too many words, why don’t you just try me?

Stick with Koala for your free time. Because he is the perfect solution for professionals working on many documents.