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Human Resources

Need a flawless recruiting process with updated HR documents in one place? What about having all your HR document templates directly in Word? Use Koala Docs to save your latest standardized document templates and employee documents directly in Word, making you work reusable and so easy, with just one click. Koala Docs will help you create and manage all your HR department documents templates.

Legal services

Power-charge your contracts with dynamic templates and snippets, without leaving Word. Create & use templates and joggle with entire clauses with just a few clicks. You can also define question–based templates so that everything is automatic. Grow your efficiency - store your legal documents directly in Word and make your latest version available for the entire team!

Marketing and Public Relations

Personalize your portfolio by defining your own business offer templates and share it with your colleagues. Manage your company presentation template and other marketing and communication document templates with a company-wise approach - create and store them directly in Word.


Boost your daily results by using business offer templates or company presentation templates, stored in Word. Create price list and product presentation snippets to access them with just one click. You have a new client and need a translated personalized offer? Trust your documents with our AI-powered translation tool and translate your documents in more than 100 languages.


Being an implicated entrepreneur is not an easy task. We believe in efficiency, so what about creating a draft contract right after your meeting with your next partner? Let Koala Docs be your right hand in document automation process.


Boost your workflow and win yourself some free time by creating SMART document templates! Let Koala Docs be your tech personal assistant in document automation process. Define and store contract documents, sales presentation and business offer templates directly in Word - use them when meeting new potential clients, straight from your account.

Front office or back office

Start implementing knowledge management in your company - start using company templates, create document templates for all the active departments. Transform all the important information in knowledge, on a company-wise format, and make it available with just a click. Create meeting minute and office management documents templates to streamline your daily work.

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